Thinking of Retiring in the Near Future?

Do You Know What A Retirement Coach Is?

Do You Have Questions Whether a Retirement Coach is Right for You?

Do You Know What "The New Retirement" Means?

Have You Been Forced Into Retirement Earlier Than Expected?

Already Retired and Feeling Lost and Unsatisfied?

Do You Know How to be Prepared and Handle Transition and Stress in Your Life?

Do You Have a Plan For Your Retirement Life?

Are You Ready to Re-invent Your Life? Do You Know to Where to Begin?

Do You Want Fulfillment and Meaning in Your Later Years?

How Do You Get the Most Fulfillment Out of Your Retirement Years?

Are You Excited About Life and Feel Energized? Or Do You Feel Lonely, Sad and Exhausted?

Now that You Are No Longer Working in A Career Do You Know Your Life Passions?

Do You Know Your Life Purpose?

Do You Know You Can Be " Retired" and Still Work?

Are You Prepared to Begin a New Life Journey?

Are You Transitioning from a Lifetime Career into Retirement Life and Know how to Handle It?

Do You Know the Dangers of Retirement?

Do You Know How to Live a Life with No Regrets?




All Coaching Sessions Are Conducted via Telephone (Telecoaching) and use Computerized Assessment Tools and Email. Internet access is desirable however if this is not available we do not want that to exclude you from the benefit of coaching. When circumstances call for it, materials can be shipped by mail however additional fees may apply to cover printing and shipping costs.

Coaching Sessions are arranged by appointment.

Please call for an appointment to book your personal coaching session. Office hours are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm but coaching sessions may be arranged outside of office hours. Call 734-649-1998 to schedule a coaching session Monday - Friday.