Wonderful Life Retirement

Work with a Certified Retirement Coach to prepare for a successful retirement.
• A Retirement Coach can help you get insight and direction for your future.
• With the help of a retirement coach you develop an action plan for your life that addresses life arenas of Work, Family, Relationships, Personal Development, Health, Leisure, Spiritual.
• A Certified Retirement Coach has specialized training to help you transition to retirement or if you have already retired, to have a more fulfilling retirement life. Retirement Coaching is life coaching for retirees.
• Retirement Coaches help their clients make transition decisions to build a satisfying future.
• Learn how to get to know your true self, uncover hidden passions, desires, goals and dreams.
• Learn how to nourish your heart and soul and build an action plan to live a life of renewed energy and vitality!
Being ready for retirement includes more than financial considerations. Many people do not consider emotional, physical and health related dimensions of their lives. Retirement Coaching help individuals create a clear picture of their retirement. Together we create a life plan for retirement that will give you the exciting life you’ve always dreamed of, filled with passion, purpose and fun!
In the next 20 years 76 million Baby Boomers will retire. This group lives longer and views retirement as a transition to a new exciting phase of life. Many do not know how to make this happen. As a Certified Retirement Coach I help people achieve their dreams and live happier, healthier and longer lives.
You may know someone you can refer to me who is either considering retirement or has already retired and needs some help.

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