Life Planning for Retirement

More people are retiring in the United States now than in any other time in history, due to the Baby Boomer generation and unprecedented results of the pandemic. Many people plan for the financial aspect of retirement but fail to consider other aspects of life in retirement. It is best to give this some thought before the last date of your working career. You need to consider plans for health and wellness, family, social, leisure and personal growth. Consider the fact that people are living longer and may spend more time in retirement than they did working. This is a great opportunity to re-examine your life and make a plan to recreate yourself. This is a transitional time where you have the chance to live your best life. You get to choose what to do and who you will spend your time with. You get to discover new goals and find new purpose in life. This may be the time to do what you can to make the world a better place.

Undoubtedly while growing up you had life goals. Learning how to walk, ride a bike, finish school, find a job, continue education, travel, buy a home, have a family, work or start a business until you decide to retire. Now you get to decide how you want to define yourself and design a life for the future. What will be the purpose of your life going forward? What are you passionate about? How will you make the most of the time you have? How will you improve your health and well-being? What things have you always wanted to do but never seemed to have the time to do when you were working? What are your interests and what new things do you want to explore? Try not to waste a lot of time with mindless entertainment, get out and live your life to the fullest. If you want to work, start a business, or volunteer go ahead and do that. It is your life and you can make it whatever you want. Of course if there is a spouse, significant other or family involved, be sure to include them in your planning process and discuss things as you go along.

Be persistent in the pursuit of new goals and dreams. Try new things, challenge yourself and take risks. Develop a positive and optimistic mindset and believe that whatever you want to do you will achieve it. Your mind is a very powerful tool that will help you create a vital and exciting life. Design a life filled with new adventures that you will enthusiastically look forward to. Write down your dreams, break them down into goals and commit to their achievement. This will help to give your life structure and purpose. Have you ever noticed that people seem to be happier when they have a dream to pursue? Use your imagination and take charge of your life. How will you make it happen? If you need help defining what you want, reach out to me for a consultation. Together we can create the life of your dreams!

Create a New You
Re-create Yourself