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Vison Board CreatingThe Secret to Achieving your Goals

We just completed a fun workshop learning about and creating Vision Boards. For this post, I thought I would share some information with you. Studies show that people who live with purpose live longer and happier lives. When we find our purpose, we can find motivation and contentment for ourselves.

Much research has been done about the power of purpose and shows that you can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 27%. You are 30% less likely to develop heart attacks if you have a life purpose. Many times when people retire they lose their sense of purpose in life, especially if their identity was tied heavily to their previous profession. It can be difficult to find a new purpose and that is why a Life Coach who specializes in retirement can be helpful. Dr. Dean Ornish said, "Purpose and meaning are at the heart of healing."

Confidence develops when you have a deep sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you pursue. Each of you are unique and have your own genius from your life interests, education and experience. This is your power! You do not have to go back to a full time job to find your purpose, or work in the same field you worked before. Many people work part-time, volunteer or start a business. Others pursue education in areas of interest. It is important to find something that resonates with your inner self. You have the power to re-create yourself in Retirement. Sometimes all it takes is a spark. A spark of passion for a purpose can change your life forever. I will share with you a technique to maximize your well-being, zest for life and longevity. Author Richard Bach said, "Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you are alive, it isn't."

Here is a Six Step Process, to help you create a life of your dreams.

Step 1 - Relax. Learn how to meditate and totally relax your body and mind. You may want to use relaxing music or follow an online meditation.

Step 2 - Dreaming and Visualization

For at least ten minutes write down everything you can think of for whatever you want to do or have or be. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be with? Your dreams are important, think freely, there are no limitations or barriers to your dreams. Be as wild and outlandish as you can imagine. There are no limitations at this stage, including money. Imagine you have all of the money you need for whatever it is you want to do. Include your likes and what an ideal day would look like for you. You may want to think about the different life arenas including work, recreation, travel, health and wellness, family, finances, friends, your social life, finances, personal and spiritual development. Consider what will contribute to increasing your vitality. It may also help you to visualize your dream life.

Step 4 - Action - Set Goals 

Choose the top things on your dream list to focus on for your goals. Make sure they are the most important things to you, so you will make the commitment and dedication to accomplishing them. Put a timetable on your goals. Are they short term or long term goals? Are they one month, two month, six month, one year, two year, 5 year goals?

Just writing down your goals puts you ahead of most people and on a higher path to achievement. You have to make them your burning desire. Make sure you are passionate about them and persevere to make them happen.

"You have the power to say I am going to do this, and I'm not going to allow myself to fail."

Step 5 - Create Your Vision Board

Post pictures on a display board, poster board or cork board, of all your desired goals. You may also want to post all that is important to you. You can cut pictures from magazines or print them out of your computer. The more specific you can be about what it is you desire the better.

Your vision board will be your daily reminder to help keep you on track and to keep your goals top of mind. When you finish your vision board you will want to display it in a place where you will see it everyday.

Next, add a timetable to your goals. You can post a date on the board by your goals. Keep a notebook to list your goals and break them down to actionable steps. Then you can schedule these steps onto your calendar.

Schedule time daily, weekly or monthly to work on your goals. You may want to brainstorm alone or with friends to help you accomplish your goals. If you think creatively there are many avenues to realizing your dreams. Make sure to review your progress on a regular basis. The important thing is to make progress and celebrate your achievements! Henry David Thoreau said, "Man is born to succeed, Not to fail."

Keep in mind goals are not set in stone, and they may be changed with changing life circumstances. Think about how you want to work on your goals. Do you want to work on them one at a time, combine some, or work on a few simultaneously?  Each goal you reach will open up opportunities for others.

Step - 6 - Release Your Goals to the Universe

Once you have set your goals in motion, let the Universe go to work for you to help you achieve your goals. Practice gratitude daily.  You may also want to practice daily affirmations and visualization of your goal(s).

"This is the only chance you will ever have on this earth with this exciting adventure called life, so why not plan it, and try to live it as richly and happily as possible?" Dale Carnegie

I have included a few photos from our Vision Board Workshop held at the Renaissance Academy, Florida Gulf Coast University in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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