20 Things to Do While Staying Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

20 Things to While Staying Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

20 Things to Do While Staying Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

  1. Reach out by phone or internet, skype or facetime to a family member or friend. During this time of social isolation, staying connected is very important for our emotional well-being.
  2. Get your finances in order. Plan how you will use your stimulus check if you will be getting one. Plan how you will handle bill paying if you are out of work. Look for an online or a work from home job to help replace your income if you lost your job.
  3. Read a good book, or many, to distract you from watching television or browsing the internet. Too much sitting and screen time is not good for you so plan to move every hour.
  4. Start a journal, write about your feelings and activities during this time.
  5. Plan or plant a vegetable or flower garden. It can be very helpful to grow your own vegetables even if in containers on a deck or balcony. If you do you can be confident your vegetables will be safe to eat. Do your research you will be surprised to find out how many plants you can grow in a small space. You can order seeds and plants online or by phone, there are many companies available that sell seeds, plants and other supplies.
  6. Clean out cabinets, drawers or closets. Finally tackle those projects you have been putting off because you did not have time for them in the past.
  7. Exercise, create an at home exercise routine, you do not need expensive gym equipment to get a good work out. Take walks, or bike rides, many parks have waived fees. It has been proven that exercise helps to relieve stress, which we all need during these uncertain times.
  8. Download an app for yoga, tai chi or meditation, there are many free available online. Practice daily to aid in relieving stress.
  9. Create something, an art project, song, craft, or new recipe. Redecorate a room or two in your home to freshen it up for spring.
  10.  Start a new hobby. If you need help choosing one, request a list of hobby ideas to find out your interests.
  11.  Begin spring cleaning, clean your windows and improve your view. Or do a yard spring clean-up.
  12.  Join an online chat group, there are thousands available for any topic you may be interested in.
  13.  Take an online course, you can find many offered for free. Use this opportunity to learn a new skill or learn about something new.
  14.  Meditate, if you do not know how, go online and google meditation or follow along with meditation or relaxation YouTube videos.
  15.  Have a spa day at home, give yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure.
  16.  Take a walk or bike in your neighborhood. Some people are creating chalk pictures and messages on their driveways for others to see. Others are displaying teddy bears or other stuffed animals in windows and on porches for families to spot while walking in the neighborhood. Some people are performing outdoor concerts and dance parties for their neighbors, where everyone can participate at a safe distance.
  17.  Tackle a home remodel project and have supplies delivered.
  18.  Foster a pet, many pets are being abandoned during this crisis.
  19.  Plan meals, have ingredients delivered. Eat foods that will help to keep you healthy, including fruits and vegetables, beans and nuts. Make extra to freeze for future use. Have a picnic in your home, yard or a local park.
  20.  Make your own holiday cards and décor. Send them to family and friends. An unexpected card or gift that arrives by mail will help to brighten someone’s day.

I’m sure you will find many ideas to add to this list. Feel free to share any ideas you have.

Stay healthy and safe!

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